Suppliers Gate

We believe that our suppliers are our partners and play a critical role in our company. That is why we have opened the gate for all categories of suppliers to build mutually beneficial relationships. We welcome all types of suppliers from different fields and backgrounds, whether automotive or non-automotive, local, regional, or even foreign. We provide accordingly all the needed tools and services to strengthen this productive relationship. Our suppliers’ gate is responsible for monitoring and controlling our suppliers’ operations, assessing their capabilities, and as a result, integrating them in the company’s database through which, suppliers can register on the portal and update their account to be ready for procurement execution level and to access all relevant areas of GB Corp including sourcing, purchasing, and finance. As a supplier, you can download the manual guide and follow the simple steps attached to request a new account, register, and get set up.

Suppliers Gate - Manual Guide
the manual guide report
Suppliers Gate - Register
Register and Update
Suppliers Gate - Register
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