Ghabbour Foundation

Ghabbour Foundation is a non-profit organization mainly focused on bridging the gap between the quality of vocational education in Egypt and industry needs for skilled workers, as well as modifying the perception of the community towards it. The Foundation and its core initiatives seek to increase the country’s workforce skill level by developing a continuous, sustainable network of schools. These projects provide students with an internationally accredited vocational education and technical training that will allow them to pursue rewarding careers in high-need industries.

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Ghabbour Foundation’s approach to development relies on enhancing the infrastructure, facilities, machinery, and tools, and more importantly on developing the human factor. The Foundation works on the development of trainers and teachers in schools in terms of applying pedagogical and modern teaching techniques. Five schools have been developed so far, and we are seeking to grow more in the coming period.


Because the Foundation believes in the power of partnerships and collaborations, it is continuously expanding its network with like-minded local and international organizations. This assures a shared vision regarding the development of education in Egypt, enriches the quality of the Foundation offering, and aims to contribute to a sustainable growth.

End Of Year Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the 2022 newsletter cover featuring the impactful initiatives of Ghabbour Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between vocational education and industry needs in Egypt.

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Ghabbour Foundation

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