Our Manufacturing Facilities

Aligning with GB Corp mission, GB Auto’s manufacturing facilities stand at the core of mobility manufacturing in Egypt. GB manufacturing operations include passenger cars assembly, bus body building, and two & three-wheelers’ assembling facility. Aiming to be at the forefront of the current dynamic economy and to capture domestic opportunities in the market, the company has branched out to various locations and plants in Greater Cairo and the Suez Canal Area. GB Manufacturing facilities include Prima plant for passenger cars, GB Bus for buses and the Citi plant for two & three wheelers. This group of significant expansions spans across a total area of over 350,000 square meters.

bus & minibus body building

GB Auto’s commercial vehicle line testifies of the company’s capabilities as a manufacturer. It also offers a wide range of heavy, medium, and lightweight trucks for fleet operators, contractors, large industrial operators, and government agencies in Egypt.
The company’s bus segment produces a full range of transportation solutions ranging from sixteen-seater buses to maxi buses with a seating capacity of 55 passengers.
GB Bus houses a 285,000 square meter bus body manufacturing facility with a 5,000 unit-per year capacity that targets local and overseas markets.

Manufacturing Facilities
passenger cars

GB Auto has significantly invested in the expansion of its assembly capacity. At the Prima plant, the company assembles passenger cars from imported CKD kits, as well as locally sourced components. The plant, which spans across nearly 58,000 square meters, underwent a major investment in 2012 to adopt highly advanced and modern techniques.
Today, Prima is a state-of-the-art and certified facility with fully automated conveyor systems, welding robots, and ED coating paint shop.

2&3 wheelers

The factory assembles the Motorcycle from imported CKD assemblies, as well as locally sourced components, the factory spans nearly 12,000 square metres,
The manufacturing capacity is 80,000 unites per year. The factory implements standard manufacturing processes with Indian factory standards